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For starters, if Internet wide knowledge of this swipe were to leak out I would be compromising my own business, because it reveals the “inside secret game” the masters use to demolish all competition. The secrets that they hope and trust no other copywriter would EVER be able to get their hands on.   If you would like to master the art of copywriting in days instead of years then you absolutely must continue reading!

My name is Jason Hart and I just spent days doing something I never dreamed of doing…I dumped out my HUGE file cabinet of MASSIVE swipe files and…Assembled “The Mother of All Swipe Files.”  This is unlike anything I have ever offered before because…

It Contains All The Dirty Inside Secrets
That Master Copywriters Use To
Demolish The Competition!

I found swipes I didn’t even know I had, powerful, top-shelf writing that can be used as templates for any appropriate marketing campaign.  When the files were laid bare I found direct mail pieces for numerous niche markets like golf and martial arts, financial newsletters, health journals, real estate, you name it and there are numerous examples of million to billion dollar control pieces here.

If you have ever wanted an advanced education in copywriting mastery you’ll find no better resource than “The Mother of All Swipe Files.”

This package isn’t for everyone, if you need someone to hold your hand and carefully explain every single step, then you probably need to look elsewhere, but if your able to study the GREATEST ADS EVER WRITTEN and use them as a springboard for your own copywriting career then again, you’ll find no better resource than “The Mother of All Swipe Files.”

As an example of what I am talking about…

I Am Using One Of Those Ads
As The Template For This Letter
To You, Right Now!

Pretty neat, huh?  Imagine learning the game of copywriting exactly as it is played at the most advanced level…the average copywriter has NEVER figured out the really hot secrets and it’s easy to understand why, because all the GREATEST COPYWRITERS keep them close to the vest and NEVER Divulge them to ANYONE!  They would sooner cut off a finger than reveal the techniques and strategies that they use to dominate the entire field.

Listen: Would you pay for the opportunity to have an instant collection of tools and techniques that would raise your level of copywriting ability to that of the most respected and advanced copywriters…in just days?

This is a serious question.  I have spent tens of thousands of dollars amassing one of the largest collections of sales and marketing materials on the planet and I’m not saying that to brag only to impress upon you the sheer value the product that you have the chance to take advantage of today…

Go Ahead, Steal My Files!

Because you know what?  For every dollar I spent building this collection and using its vast resources, my copywriting skill grew ten fold!

And YOURS will too…Overnight you will discover that you have been given the “Keys To The Vault” of the most powerful copywriting secrets available anywhere…the next time you sit down to write a sales piece you will IMMEDIATELY notice:

…that you’re writing headlines like Gary Halbert

crafting openers like an invisible hand was guiding your pen…

…and creating bullets with a mastery that will have even the most determined skeptic reaching for their wallet…

I couldn’t really afford to spend the thousands and thousands of dollars that it cost me to build this collection, but I did it anyway.  I love copywriting and was determined to be one of the best while at the same time creating a life and lifestyle where my family has no financial worries.

And now I’m sharing it with you, for a limited time:  I’m not certain how long I will be making this offer to you; it could be available for a few days or maybe a little longer.  My most recent offering was sold out and gone in 24 hours.

I’ve actually only included the most important pieces from my collection of swipes.  I have spend days carefully going through each file and only selecting the most powerful pieces, those that can be easily modeled to craft world class copy.

And to those who have taken advantage of most if not all of my previous offers…THIS IS VIRTUALLY ALL NEW MATERIAL…there may be some overlap with a few pieces but the VAST MAJORITY is BRAND NEW!

You’ll be getting a “hands on” education at a fraction of what I had to shell out. With a guarantee that says “you don’t risk a dime.” (You could go out for a nice diner for two for this little money!  Where I shelled out a kings ransom over the years you only have to reach in your pocket and hand me a few coins.)

Here’s what you get:

  • 254 RARELY SCENE, Full page, long copy display ads.  These are the real “insider” lessons from the Greatest Minds in the business.  Secrets that they use day in and day out to beat controls left and right.  You’ll receive ads from the likes of:

o   Ben Suarez

o   Bud Weckesser

o   Victor Schwab

o   Christian Godefroy

o   David Ogalvy

o   E. Julius Haldeman

o   Eugene Schwartz

o   Gary Halbert

o   Jay Abraham

o   Joe Cossman

o   Joe Karbo

o   Joe Sugarman

o   John Caples

o   Maxwell Sackheim

o   Mel Martin

o   Ralph Ginzburg

o   Ted Nicholas

  • An additional 35 full page display ads covering the topics of:

o   Finance

o   Golf

o   Internet Marketing

o   Real Estate

o   Seminars

o   Wealth Building

o   Book Publishing

Giving you an even greater forum to learn from so that you can study how salesmanship in print is constructed for various markets.

  •   38 Direct Mail letters written by some of the greatest names in the industry.  I’m not even at liberty to divulge their names but you’ll be literally blown out of your chair when you see the power and quality of the writing.  It’ll quite literally revolutionize the way you construct a letter, any letter.

Sounds almost to good to be true doesn’t it?  Well, I’m not done yet…You’ll also receive…

  • 13 MASSIVE Magalogs covering health and wealth, finance and supplements.  These Magalogs are the motherload, when studied and copied they will take your copywriting skill into the stratosphere. You’re going to go gaga over this package once you see these swipes.

A master copywriter thinks differently in almost every respect…from thinking about headlines, to developing a guarantee, to deciding the best approach for a close in order to maximize response and blow the needle off the conversion meter.  Unless you learn these secrets, (which top-shelf copywriters almost NEVER reveal to even their closest friends!) you could spend hours everyday working at your craft and still not learn how to write a sales letter that will grab attention, generate massive response and pulverize the competition into saw dust.

And the simple reason is that you have not been given access to this “insider” knowledge.  You either need a “mentor,” one of the greats to reveal them to you (VERY EXPENSIVE), or you can just steal their ideas (COMPLETELY LEGAL).

The difference in the effectiveness and quality of your writing (after studying and writing out these files) will take you’re breath away.

You’ll  Love Copywriting,
The Way I Do!

In just a couple of days you’ll gain unbelievable focus on your craft, you’re confidence will be restored because you will have learned how to perfect every aspect of salesmanship in print (easily and simply). You’ll be motivated once again to do what you had originally set out to do when you decided to learn the skill of copywriting…so now…

You’ll have a system in place where the “mechanics” of your writing are consistently good, every day you write…

And all the “holes” in you writing will be filled — suddenly, you’ll be writing headlines, subheads and bullet points like a pro, on top of your game like never before.  In fact you’ll be a madman, mastering difficult copywriting techniques with a grin and a giggle.

The quality of this package is for real.  The amazing “insider” secrets contained in it are likely the only opportunity you will ever have to own most of these control pieces.  The only reason it exist is because of the fact that I was moving and going through everything that either needed to be boxed up or get gone.  I went through everything…a thorough house cleaning and the results of much of it are in the package that stands before you today.  And once you see the price…you’ll quickly realize that I could and probably will change my mind about the whole thing at a moments notice.  I’ve been know to change my mind about these things within a few hours…if you doubt that then just take a look at my last offer…I didn’t even put up a “sorry sold out” page…I just killed it.

So…this may be your first and last shot to grab this package.

This Massive Collection Of Control Ads
Is The Most Important Swipe File
You Could Ever Hope To Own!

And who wouldn’t want to own it?

So here’s the “deal”: This swipe file has a REAL street value of $26,475 that is based on a very conservative $75 per control piece and $150 per magalog.  There are controls from every decade of the last century up to the present.  The golf and martial arts copy alone will cause a rush of adrenaline to cycle through you as you scramble for pen and paper.  Just one of them is worth far more than I am asking for the entire collection and there are 34 in the package.

Nothing Was Left Out…
This Collection Represents The Best of The Best
…If I Uncover Something Vital
That Was Not Included
I Will Get You A Copy Immediately!

I will not be asking you to pay $26,475, but any training course on copywriting or copywriting workshop worth its salt would cost you $10,000 - $15,000 plus airfare, hotel accommodations, and food.  You’ll learn 10 times more from using this package than any week long training course.  But you aren’t even going to pay one tenth of what a weak-kneed training course would cost.  In fact you aren’t going to pay one half of that, no not even a third.  What you pay for 340 of the greatest ads ever to be constructed is 33.5% of the cost of ONE ad!  That’s right you can own this amazing collection for $97 $47 total…and even then you aren’t risking one dime…because…you also get…

A 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Here's how it works: Simply order the “Mother of All Swipe Files” package, and try it out for 3 entire months. If, at the end of those 3 months, you aren't completely convinced these lessons have changed your ability to write compelling copy in a very dramatic and astonishing way…simply send me an email, and you will be rushed a complete refund of every penny you paid.

There is no catch…there is no fine print..I live my life simply.  Place your order, use them for 3 months, if it doesn’t work for you…let me know and you’ll get a no questions asked refund.  You’re in control.

Wait…I’m not actually done yet…

Because when I make an offer of this magnitude I love to over deliver I have a shopping cart full of truly extraordinary bonuses for you today, if you take me up on this valuable offer.

Bonus #1

  • My Golden Swipe File (105 pgs) of the worlds greatest opening, bullets, guarantees, closes. PSs, etc…in other words my personal swipe bible! (Value $375).
    Jason Hart - My Golden Swipe File

Bonus #2

  • Greatest Headlines Swipe File - (42 pgs) of the Greatest Headlines ever written! (Value $97).
    Jason Hat - Greatest Headlines Swipe File

Bonus #3

  • The Ultimate Fill-In-The-Blanks Headline Swipe File!  342 WINNING headlines, (31 pgs) - a wonderful creation template
    (Value $97).
    Jason Hart - Ultimate Fill-In-The-Blanks Headline Swipe File

 Bonus #4

  • Bonus Headline Headline Swipe File -  An Additional 64 pgs of killer headlines!
    (Value $97).
    Jason Hart - Headline Bonus Swipe File

Bonus #5

  • Turn Key Headline Template (17 pgs) Headline Creation Tool! (Value $37).
    Jason Hart - Turn Key Headline Templates

Bonus #6

  • Article Headline Swipe - An Article Title Headline Template (7 pgs) Headline Creation Tool! (Value $17).
    Jason Hat - Article Headline Swipe File

Bonus #7

  • Mega Collection of Famous Copywriting Quotes (28 pgs) 
    (Value $37).
    Jason Hart - Copywriting Quotes

Bonus #8

  • Hot Words (9 pgs) of Attention Getting Words and Phrases! (Value $17).
    Jason Hart - Hot Words

Bonus #9

  • 19 Secrets (19 pgs) of Secrets That Will Solve Nearly All Business Problems! (Value $37).
    Jason Hart - 19 Secrets

Bonus #10

  • 7 Ads That Changed The World (21 pgs) Nuff Said! (Value $37).
    Jason Hart - 7 ADs

So, here’s what you need to do now: To order enter this special code below: 1217S, then click the button to order:

Use your credit card — it’s fast, safe and 100% secure10 times more secure than using a credit card at your favorite restaurant (mentioned above)! The price for this life changing package is just $1997  $997  $497 $47 BUT YOU HAVE TO ORDER FAST!…probably the best darn bargain you’ll EVER see.  Private coaching sessions run upwards of $300 - $1000 an hour and you don’t get the whole story from one coach, in a single hour, or from one session; plus, here, you have the added advantage of being able to review the material over and over and over again.  This package contains EVERYTHING you need to take your writing to the next level.  It’s the best deal dollar for dollar you could ever hope for.  In fact we’re not even talking dollars here because it averages out to less than 1 cent per ad and that doesn’t even take into consideration the shopping cart of free bonuses!

Use this special code: 1217S, and enter it in the special promotion box this is so no one out side of my private list gets in on this special offer.

If you would rather pay by check or money order (payable to Jason Hart), you can mail your payments to:

Focus Based Marketing
Dept. 1217S
P.O. Box 325
Murphy, NC  28906

I can’t advise you strongly enough not to delay because: Either one of two things will occur.  #1. I’ll decide that the material is far too valuable to just give it away, like I’m doing right this minute, and I’ll just take the site down. Or,… #2. I’ll decide that the material is far too valuable to give away, like I’m ding right now and I’ll sell it for what it really should be sold for $997 and even at that price it’s a bargain!  There are no plans to make this material available to the general public…but if I do it will be at no less than $997.  I know of lesser products that sell for $1997.  To take advantage of this outrageously low price first-chance opportunity you really need to act now and not wait because it could be gone tomorrow. 

If you order right now I CAN guarantee you the price of $997 $47.  So please take action right now while you’re still reading this letter.  If you love copywriting as much as I do, you’ll kick yourself forever if you delay and miss this incredible opportunity.  The contents of this package can transform you into a copywriting powerhouse every time you pick up a pen or pencil.  With the secrets contained within its pages, you are going to OWN every writing assignment you take on!  If your as serious about shaving as many stokes off you copywriting handicap as I am, then the “Mother of All Copywriting Swipe Files” will enable you to become a contender for minor legendary status among your pears.  You may not become a Gary Halbert or Clayton Makepeace but when you enter the room your colleagues will become very silent as they realize they are in the presence of greatness. 

But you must act NOW.

To YOUR Copywriting Success,

Jason Hart - Copywriter

Jason Hart
a.k.a. “The Professor”
CIO, Focus Based Marketing

PS. Remember, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this incredible opportunity.  There is absolutely no downside risk, not even a penny.  How can you delay even for a minute, knowing these “insider” secrets are almost YOURS…waiting in the package I have set aside for you.

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